• Edward Douglas
    Partner Armstrong Asset Management
  • Thomas Jakobsen
    Managing Director Indochina Clean Energy Holding
  • Tuan Anh PHUNG
    Managing Partner VCI Legal
  • Pham Thanh Nam
    Senior Social and Environmental Expert Senior Social and Environmental Expert
  • Stefan Robertsson
    Principal The Lantau Group
  • Dr.Le Thi Thuy Van
    Director,National Institue for Finance Ministry of Finance
  • Gilles Beau
    Chief Development Officer The Blue Circle
  • Do Thi Thu Ha
    Senior Partner KPMG
  • Do Van Dien
    Chairman and CEO TVS Investment JSC
  • Baoqing Miao
    Director Voltiq Bv
  • Daniel MALLO
    Managing Director Societe Generale

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