Fugro IOVTEC Lands Hai Long Contract
6/9/2021 7:57:00 AM

Fugro IOVTEC Lands Hai Long Contract

Fugro IOVTEC has won the contract to carry out geotechnical site investigations at Hai Long 2 and Hai Long 3 offshore wind farms in Taiwan.

Fugro IOVTEC is a joint venture between the Taiwan-based International Ocean Vessel Technical Consultant (IOVTEC) and Fugro.

With a combining capacity of 1044 MW, the Hai Long Offshore Wind Project will start connecting to the grids by the end of 2024.

The project will follow Fugro’s “Triple A” approach of acquiring, analysing and advising on Geo-data, and the contract will take around 10 months to complete.

Leveraging the in-country DP vessel, Avatar Triumph, Fugro IOVTEC will also import a geotechnical vessel, Fugro Voyager, to support this project.

The Hai Long offshore wind farms are being co-developed by Northland Power Inc, Yushan Energy and Mitsui & Co. Fugro IOVTEC will acquire Geo-data at 32 wind turbine locations and the site investigation will be carried out in two phases: seabed and downhole.

The seabed phase will be performed using Fugro’s SEACALF continuous drive system; the Fugro Voyager, Fugro’s dedicated geotechnical drilling vessel, will be deployed for the downhole phase.

“We welcome this excellent opportunity to work for Hai Long and showcase Fugro IOVTEC’s Geo-data expertise in the renewables sector,” said Jerry Paisley, Fugro’s Business Line Director for Asia-Pacific.

“Offshore wind farm developments in the region and especially in Taiwan are going through an accelerated and ambitious pace, and Fugro is proud to be part of these developments that support our vision to create a safe and liveable world.”

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