LOC gets job on 400-MW Chinese offshore wind project
6/9/2021 7:56:00 AM

LOC gets job on 400-MW Chinese offshore wind project

London-based marine and engineering consultancy LOC Group will provide marine warranty services for the development of the 400-MW Jieyang Shenquan 1 offshore wind project in Chinese waters.

The company said today it won the contract to deliver a document review, marine assurance and on-site inspections for all critical marine operations. In addition, it will inspect the proposed support fleet and conduct risk assessment and management meetings ahead of critical marine operations.

The Jieyang Shenquan 1 project, owned by State Power Investment Group and Guangdong Electric Power Co Ltd, includes the installation of 73 units of 5.5-MW wind turbines in the South Sea area of Shenquan Town, Jieyand City. Furthermore, an offshore booster station will be built and connected to the turbines via 16 circuits of submarine cable.

LOC expects to commence work on the project this August.

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