Japanese energy major JXTG Holdings names new president
6/9/2021 7:49:00 AM

Japanese energy major JXTG Holdings names new president

Katsuyuki Ota was appointed president of JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy in June 2018. Since then, he has been leading the development of new businesses, including domestic power retailing and an offshore wind power business in Taiwan.

10. Blix and DOB Academy develop offshore wind development course for Japan, Asia

Commissioned by Nagasaki Ocean Academy (NOA), Blix has developed a two-day course on offshore wind farm development in cooperation with DOB-Academy.

It will be handed over to a select group of professors who will be teaching the course in Japan. Based on existing projects and in consultation with Asian partners, this course is specifically suitable for gaining knowledge on the development of offshore wind farms in Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese waters. All the teaching material of the course is adapted to the wishes and design of NOA. The course teaches professionals about the development of an offshore wind farm, through lectures and interactive cases.

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