Established in Sept. 1952, China National Technical Import and Export Corporation (CNTIC) is one of the largest Chinese state-owned enterprises. In 1998, it became a wholly-owned subsidiary of China General Technology (Group) Holding Ltd, which is a world 500 group company and under direct leadership of Chinese central government.

CNTIC was founded by Chinese central government as a technical trading company to introduce complete equipment and plants of heavy and light industry to China for Chinese industrialization. Through years of great efforts, CNTIC successfully established and upgraded Chinese industry by implementing accumulatively 7,500 major projects worthy of 120 billion US Dollars in total. Later on, CNTIC is transformed to mainly an investment and EPC company. 

Headquartered in Beijing, China, CNTIC currently has 9 domestic subsidiaries and 16 overseas branches in 12 countries and regions. CNTIC excels in investing, financing, project engineering and project management. It takes power & energy, and international capacity cooperation as its core business, and is working in every possible way to build itself a truly global company through providing local markets with one-stop and systematic solution that includes project planning, investment, financing, EPC construction, and operation.

In terms of investment and financing, CNTIC has successfully invested, financed and constructed a 900MW LNG to Power Plant in Myanmar and a 84MW on-shore wind power in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is extremely interested in investment and financing of clean energy and power in European market and Asia Pacific region including Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, etc., and is reaching out for good business partners and projects to work on.

CNTIC is also renowned as one of the first few Chinese companies contracting EPC (or plus financing) projects in overseas market. In the field of distributed energy, since its first coal-fired power plants totaling 1,500MW in Indonesia in 2006, CNTIC has consecutively contracted Srepok 3 hydropower project in Vietnam, Ghorasal 300-450 MW gas based-combined cycle power plant in Bangladesh, 48MW Jaggran-II hydropower project in Pakistan, Hydropower transformation project in Uzbekistan, Ashuganj 400MW combined cycle power plant(East) in Bangladesh, 900MW LNG to Power Plant in Myanmar, CFB power plant (2x135MW) of Puting Bato in the Philippines, a series of 230/132kv&132/33kv substations in Bangladesh, Uzbekistan Railway Line electrification Project in Uzbekistan, etc.

Though a Chinese state-owned company, CNTIC is fully marketized, flexible and open to work with all business partners in the field of power and electricity, and international capacity cooperation. We are ready to discuss and go with you in any possible business mode to deliver true success.

Address: Block C, 15th Floor, Fang Zhou Building, No.2115 North Sichuan Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai 200081 P.R.C />
TEL: +86 18016419286

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